Monday, February 10, 2014

project Life 2014: Week 5

Sunday: Paperwork galore, SOP review time
Monday: Building my 1st snowman of the season
 Tuesday: Prize package arrived in the mail, yeah for new books!!
 Wednesday: Day 1 without power, board games by candlelight
 Thursday: Day 2 without power, working on a mini album in the living room in front of the kerosene wrapped in blankets and wearing gloves
 Friday: Day 3 without power, a makeshift refrigerator (cooler buried in the snow) so the food didn't go bad!
 Saturday: Visiting the local giant snowman, wish I had the tools to build one like that!!

2013 Week 44 completed pages, Pages all design A, 1 insert 8.5x11 for the Autism walk we completed as a family

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