Monday, February 10, 2014

Still Counting 1000 Gifts: #1311-1332

1311. Abby's beautiful solo during the Sunday morning service
1312. sharing pictures with friends
1313. girl scout cookies
1314. Carrie lent me her new super warm gloves to finish shoveling out my car!
1315. snowman snow
 1316. went with my gut about taking a picture :)
1317. Brandon helped with the monthly
1318. learned how to email pictures strait from my picture program
1319. a gas (not electric) stove during the power outage
1320. Brandon's personal goodbyes
1321. board games by candlelight
 1322. dad lit the kerosene heater before leaving for work so we'd all wake up warm
1323. safety on the roads driving during the ice storm
1324. receiving a a giveaway prize, a box full of books
 1325. extra huors for going above and beyond
1326. being creative without electric
1327. Carrie left her fully charged kindle home for me to use
1328. knowing my Lord is in control of the storm
 1329. perfect scores on all my testings
1330. getting electricity back and taking a hot shower
1331. playing by the rules, relearning an old game a "new" way
1332. family trip to take pictures of the local giant snowman!!

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