Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project Life: Week 17

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We had a random blackout on our street Sunday night, but had fun getting all the flashlights out!

the answered prayer of receiving my work shoes on time. (Its a little lengthier than my usual photo tags but I would like to share the story of how awesome my God is!!) I had to take 3 gowning testings for my new job Monday-Wednesday afternoons at 4pm. So my supervisor ordered me the required steel-toed shoes Thursday night the week before. (Yes, we had been to all the stores in the area and NOone seemed to have any womens steel-toed shoes in stock, and my feet are way to small to fit the smallest mens size.) He had the shoes overnighted/expressed shipping whichever was available and they were supposed to be to me no later than Saturday morning. I waited all weekend and still no shoes. Mind you, I began to worry because I could not take the test without the shoes! My mom works at a Christian preschool where the teachers all meet before school to pray for the day. She shared my concerns about the shoes and the entire staff began to pray they would arrive sometime during the morning. Meanwhile at home I received a call from my supervisor saying that the he had tracked the package and it was not going to arrive until Tuesday afternoon. That was 1 training missed and cutting it really close for the 2nd one. He told me to check with the QC dept. to see if there was any possibility of taking the test wearing regular workboots. Problem. . .I don't own any workboots!! He said to wear whichever shoes I had that were most heavy duty! Okay so now I was totally freaking out. . .there was no way they'd ley me take the test, but I was going to show up with my most heavy duty shoes and ask. I spent the afternoon in my scraproom and around 3pm (an hour before my testing) my mom came downstairs with a package. "God answers prayers" she said. Wow!! I had goosebumps. Isn't God amazing? And the shoes fit perfectly!!!

primary voting

me dressed in my scrubs for work (with my new shoes of course!) for my last day of testing

my favorite bagger :) and "little sis", Ashley

more gowning at another work site. I work 3 different sites and its hard to keep track of all the different gowning procedures

walking the 5K with my sister

I have been so busy the last few days that I haven't even printed off my pictures let alone start working on my pages. And I still haven't completed the last couple of weeks, although they really only need a few finishing touches. I owe you all a huge post with all my completed pages. Don't worry I'll get caught up. . .soon!!
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  1. Wow! Very cool how the shoes arrived just in time. A blessing, indeed.