Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Project Life: Week 20

The Mom Creative

Fun pictures with mom for mother's day

video chatting with Becky Higgins, so inspiring

filling up with gas, $3.69 a gallon (I try to record the price at least once a year to compare)

getting out the paints, glitter, and flocking to jazz up some chipboard. . .I have literally been in the studio all week, but my project is almost complete

What's in my purse? part of the telling your story in 5 photographs challenge from Jenny Meyerson.

bank run

backyard picnic style dinner

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  1. I always forget to record things like how much gas was. I totally need to do that some week and also include things like the price of a gallon of milk etc.

  2. I always forget that I have flocking. Thanks for the reminder; I should dig it out and play!!!