Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1000 Gifts: #421-441

421. friends that go out of their way just to say hey
422. dinner with my parents
423. father/daughter tv time
424. cute and comfy pajamas--the unique way God provides for our family
425. God's never ending grace and forgiveness
426. finished a huge project

427. awesome online frineds
428. dad has extra vacation time this week
429. Kande loved her album

430. the chance to show off a bit of my work (kinda like advertising)
431. great god-honoring Preschool graduationi program
432. another free photo card
433. praise songs
434. mother/daughter chats

435. a supervisor who cares
436. working with Sarah, we make a great team
437. a mother that prays for me
438. the uniqueness of God's creation

439. family time around the fire pit
440. make your own subs day!! Yummy!
441. bought and played a new family game

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