Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the life: Wednesday

"This is not a competition. It’s not about the number of photos. It’s not about how much you write or don’t write. It’s about capturing and celebrating the details of your own life – for yourself, for your family, etc." Ali's reminder in her post this morning was exactly what I needed. I get so caught up in how many pictures I did or did not take. For Wednesday I only had 51 pictures and was tempted to feel like I had failed, but I didn't. I captured my life, my routine, right here, right now. And of that I am proud. I honestly can't think any shots that I "should have taken" or "missed" today. Even with what I consider a small amount of photos, I can see just how blessed I am! Here is what my Wednesday looked liked:

Quiet time

feeding the fish


afternoon walk

backyard visitors (Bella wanted to be included too!!)

work keys. . .finally issued

light dinner
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