Monday, April 2, 2012

1000 Gifts: #253-273

253. Celebrating Carrie's birthday

254. cuddling
255. spending extra time with dad and Carrie

256. Generous hearts that still respond to God's leading
257. a chance to share what I've been learning in my quiet times
258. recieved a coupon off my car inspection! (that literally NEVER happens!!)
259. made cookies with the kids and had a blast!

260. dad called just to say he missed me
261. able to share my love of scrapbooking with a friend
262. surprise anonymous gift cards in the mail
263. confirmation that I got the job I interviewed for (it's only part time, but it's a job!!!) Praise Jesus!
264. clean bed sheets
265. lunch with my new bosses
266. completed my first set of training
267. good night of fellowship and sharing at Bible study. . .there isn't a single week those girls aren't a blessing to me!
268. my first shift of work went really well
269. a cold glass of water. . .too often I take that for granted, but what a blessing to be able to pour one when I am dying of thirst!
270. homemade stromboli-yummy!
271. finally found and bought a notebook I've been looking for, and I had a coupon! Love coupons!!
272. having athletic abilities
273. having fun even while losing, terribly (probably due to the fact that I was being photograohed during my turn :) )
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