Monday, April 2, 2012

Project Life:Week 13

The Mom Creative

Another layout done by Tuesday. Both pages were done with design A. I included one insert of a card that I received from Mr. E. Bunny, I haven't fully decided what to include on the back of the insert, but am leaning towards extra birthday pictures!

Celebrating my sister's birthday dinner at Applebee's

two little chickadees moved into an old birdhouse we have hanging on the back porch. too cute.

making cookies with the kids

reminiscing over some of my old scrapbooks

group picture for my last night at Bible study

the parking lot where I was supposed to meet Brandon (my new boss). . .long story. . . silly picture. . .but it totally captures the story that I wanted to include in my album!

Pacman's special Saturday night feeding time

Close up pictures of my layouts: left side

right side
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  1. Cute pages! Looks like a fun week. I love reminiscing over the scrapbooks. Have a lot of pics of my kids like that, I should scrap them too