Monday, April 9, 2012

1000 Gifts: #274-294

274. mom made us a treat of cheesesteaks for lunch
275. free frappe from McDonalds (yes the cup is empty. . .I love them so much I drank the whole thing before I thought to take any pictures!)

276. spent the sfternoon playing sports with my dad
277. the Lord showed me the exact areas of my life i need to work on
278. dad's van was repaired quickly
279. freshly vacuumed carpets
280. weather was nice enough that I was able to have my quiet time outside
281. able to schedule a last minute appointment
282. got a call froma friend "just because"
283. took a walk with my sister
284. had some creative time
285. dad brought us some soft pretzels
286. finally got my hair done

287. I have a very close relationship with my mom
288. found some creative inspiration
289. saw an old friend while out shopping
290. found a flocking set I was looking for on clearance!
291. remembered all the things I needed to do at work after only 1 time. Praise God!
292. thoroughly cleaned out half the garage (we can see floor!!)
293. picnic lunch in the backyard, that's always fun
294. attempted to make gnocchi. . .actually turned out pretty yummy!
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