Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project Life: Week 10

The Mom Creative

They found a new addiction. . .anything LIFE. Tonight they tried Pirates of the Caribbean LIFE. (also played this week: Classic LIFE, Wii LIFE, LIFE twists and turns, Monster's Inc. LIFE)

Fought with this printer all morning, thankfully no major harm done and I was able to retrieve the tiny corner of paper that tore off and jammed inside!

The progress of technology, after losing several CDs I was relieved to find the various songs on several old playlists on my sisters abandoned Ipod

There is at least one night a week dedicated to Wii game night. It is so nice to have a new battery charger in the house

Helping out at preschool. I was in change of the 'S' paper station. . .because I did NOT want to mess with the art project of footprints!

learning to journal my prayers is helping me to focus my day and myself. I will delight myself in the LORD!

Family lunch at Chick-fil-a
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