Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The things people say (page 3)

Okay so this one was really easy for me. The things people say could literally be anything! I had a picture of all my coworkers together and decided to do a page of all the catch phrases I hear all day! I think every single person I work with has at least one, if not two or three phrases that we all know and love (or dislike) them for. I used tags to write down all their quotes and then added their names to the bottom. Our company is called Patwell and the title "Patwellisms" just came naturally. The picture isn't the greatest, I just noticed there is a bit of glare on it, so you can't see the various journaling. Some of our daily quotes include "you need to think outside the box", "that should be a lightbulb moment.", "turtle", "thats not how I roll." The thing that I love about this page is even as I type the various quotes I can just hear them being used in a plethora of situations. Obviously they are almost all quotes from the coworkers that I actually get along with:) Imagine that!!

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  1. oh we know the isms...great idea for a layout.