Monday, January 18, 2010

Something you can count on!

The next category in my That's Life album is Something you can count on. I decided to take a unique approach to this one. My subject (and title) is the "fifth" chair. There is only 4 in our family yet the backyard picnic table always has 4 chairs. I never took notice to this til one night I looked out my bedroom window and saw the 5 inviting chairs. Now that I think about it there is always someone over during the summer, a neighbour, a friend, a relative. . . No matter who shows up there is always laughter and good times. Whether it is for a meal, to talk, or even just to share a joke or a story there is always room for one more. It was that night, looking down from the window, I realized that is definitely something you can always count on at our house. . . the fifth chair.
So this weekend was my mom's party. Everything went really well. And while she didn't really want the party (or to be reminded in any way that she is turning 50) she really seemed to enjoy it. All of her siblings managed to show up for it! There aren't many occasions that they all get together for, so I was really surprised. One brother drove up from NC and another from VA. I was so excited that it all turned out really well. I had also thrown her a surprise card shower, so far she has received over 30 cards from family and friends!! Her actual birthday isn't until Tuesday so I think there will be more in the mail tomorrow. I just love seeing her excitemnet when she brings in the mail and there is a stack of 5-10 cards in it!! I guess its the little things in life. . . I sent one of the card shower invites to our pastor and he announced her birthday to the whole church! She about died of embarassment. Of course pastor "blamed" us :) It was so funny!!! Anyway she had a great weekend and in the end thats what matters!

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  1. Jenn, I love your purple layout! All the pretty ribbon touches, and such a great story. Happy birthday to your mom!