Monday, January 25, 2010

Sign in for CJ

Yeah finally I was able to post my sign-in pictures from yesterday. thank you to my stupid computer for that!!! The purse is actually only 3x3, although these pictures make it look so huge! Maybe its just the way I photographed it. I hung them on the magnet board then took pics. Anyone have any ideas for better picture taking??


  1. Your purse sign-in idea is sooo cute Jenn, and yours is adorable! I like how you photographed the purse actually.. that magnet board sure comes in handy, doesn't it?

  2. Oh this is such a wonderful idea. Great idea, the magnet board, draws out the color of the purse.

  3. Yes, it's too stinkin' CUTE! So feminine, what a girly thing to have us do! Love your purse and the whole CJ concept.