Saturday, January 16, 2010

That's Life (page 3)

Well I thought I would share some more of this album since pretty soon I will be starting a new swap!!! Yeah! It's swap season again!!! We will be doing another round of circle journals, I love doing cjs they are my absolute favorite. You get to learn so much about a person thru the pages they do :)
So page three is daily frustrations. I think that category is pretty self explanatory. For me it is these ugly nasty crickets that often find their way into my scraproom. There is nothing worse for me than finding one of these guys sitting under my chair or on the edge of the carpet. Grrrrr. And I am not a bug killer, no matter how much I dislike them I can't kill em. So then I have to waste my time to catch and release the stupid thing in the far corner of the yard. I know, i know its my own fault really, but still. . . .
Once I decided on my topic the layout was pretty simple. I cut the swirl freehand and then outlined it with eyelets. I used a stencil and chalk for the background swirls. Added a sticker title and some journaling and it was complete!
So what are some of you're daily frustrations? :)


  1. Oh that's hilarious. I can so relate. I don't catch and release anymore. Sorry, but I do an eulogy before the final flush! Love the lo, it works perfect wtih this lucky cricket. Entomoligist of the world thank you. Glad you are on board the new cj swap.

  2. Jenn, love how you captured that in a page, and the swirl looks great with the photo. I have to say that I can relate too! We have these huge flies that come in through the heat vent in our bedroom from someone's apartment (we think). When it's warm enough outside, we usually wake up in the morning to hear them buzzing in between the blinds and the window. Crazy!