Sunday, January 3, 2010

That's Life; page 2

So here is another page in my that's life album. This one is for the category, My Innermost Thoughts. It kinda goes right along with my post from a few days ago about being single. The rings were inherited from my great-grandmother. As strange as it may sound I wear them as a reminder that I still have hope. They are a daily reminder to the fact that my lfe is not finished yet. Everytime I look at my hand and see the rings, I remember that God is writing my love story.

This second page is the cover page or introduction to the album. Something I don't usually do but thought it would be a nice touch. I summarized the various topics into five little categories. I really like the way it turned out. After looking through all the "topics" for this album I think I'll end up with about 20 pages when its complete. I am excited to share what I have done thus far with you, I haven't shared this album with anyone yet, it seemed so personal. And yet why create something if I am never gonna let anyone see. So welcome to my world as I not only share these pages but the pieces of myself and my life that each page represents.

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  1. love the continuous theme,growth and of course, that purple and green of the layout