Monday, December 2, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #1078-1100

1078. God's word and Spirit to do His work
1079. Special music
1080. practical, basic sermons
1081.the smell of new books

1082. sitting on a warm radiator
1083. emails telling me I've won a giveaway
1084. pre-Black Friday sales
1085. hot pie fresh from the oven

1086. winning an ebay auction
1087. snow that isn't sticking
1088. setting up the nativity
1089. not paying shipping and handling
1090. decorating the tree with dad and C

1091. a change in my work schedule giving me off on Thanksgiving
1092. bad tempers that dissipate quickly
1093.Thanksgiving with the cousins

1094. starting the Christmas music
1095. hanging out with my parents
1096. a brand new windshield

1097. being flirted with at the grocery store :)
1098. catching late Black Friday sales that allow me to sleep in
1099. 2 Thanksgiving dinners

1100. game night with my entire family, 3 separate nights this week! Love those moments!

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