Monday, December 9, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #1101-1125

1101. concerned phone calls from coworkers even if nothings wrong!
1102. traditions kept every year
1103.hanging the Christmas lights on the porch
1104. warm new scarf

1105. customer service chats that actually accomplish something
1106. Christmas cupcakes
1107. keeping things simple
1108. new memory foam mattress topper :)

1109. personalized gifts
1110. liquid gel tablet Advil
1111. ornaments with stories
1112. wearing a tutu just for fun

1113. Sound of Music live
1114. visible proof of progress
1115. twinkling lights on the tree
1116. having the nativity set up

1117. the rain stopped!!!
1118. heating pad on sore muscles
1119. hats & scarves & gloves
1120. Christmas snack cakes

1121. dad made it home in time for the parade
1122. uploading and looking at pictures with family
1123. Christmas parade day

1124. being healthy
1125. Panera sesame seed bagel
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