Friday, December 20, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #1126-1146

1126. dreaming big
1127. watching Max eat his algae tablets. . .so cute
1128. safety in the snow and not getting stuck like everyone else

1129. able to share my talent
1130. a father willing to drive me to work on really bad roads
1131. 4 wheel drive
1132. "white as snow" reminder every time it snows

1133. snow delays
1134. personal phone call from Brandon
1135. basking in the sun
1136. Christmas songs straight from the Bible

1137. the extreme quietness of falling snow
1138. lunch from my sister
1139. kerosene heater
1140. sunset over the snowy landscape

1141. dry roads, finally!
1142. reading funny birthday cards with my mom and sister :)
1143. brand new wipers
1144. homemade Christmas cards

1145. seeing the snow covered trees out my window 1st thing in the morning
1146. recognition
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