Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 50

The Mom Creative
Snowstorm # 1, hit much earlier than expected. It took us forever to get home from church (30 minutes just to cross this little bridge 5 minutes from our house)

Finally decided on a design and started making my Christmas cards

Snowstorm # 2, looked beautiful but made getting to work a big fiasco! We rescheduled several times before managed to make it there that afternoon.

Testing out my new hot curlers, I think I need more practice, but I looked to hilarious not to take a picture!

Starting a new study with Hope, super excited

Picking out a couple of fun 50th cards to send to my Uncle for his card shower!

Preparing to go out and build a snowman in storm #3!

Week 40s completed pages, very simple, both design A

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