Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 49

The Mom Creative

Loving my new scarf from Krochet Kids international, love how it is signed by Julia, the woman in Peru who made it and I can go to their website and learn about her, so personal, so neat!

Got a new memory foam mattress topper. Love it!!

Starting to see all the packages of Christmas gifts I ordered come in

testing lights in order to replace some burnt out ones

Using the last of the Thanksgiving turkey in one more delicious turkey sandwich!

double checking our grocery receipt in the parking lot has become a habit after too many trips back to the store because something was incorrect

Yeah! Christmas Parade day! It was freezing, but that didn't matter one bit!

Week 39s completed pages:

Left side, design A

Insert 1, front


Insert 2, a random 10x10 sleeve I had in my drawer that I punched holes in and added some washi tape to seal the bottom, perfect to document a lunch date after work when I left my camera in the car

back of insert 2 holds an ad for the Voice and the Blacklist, 2 shows I am currently watching

Right side, design A (sorry for the glare)

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