Monday, November 4, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #990-1011

990. Running into one of my old high school friends and getting the chance to chat for a bit
991. easier, clearer set up at the Calvary church event
992. not having to make small talk
993. Debbie Pride in Sunday school, what a blessing to hear her very real, blunt, and modern take on singleness
994. back-roads and GPSs
995. hand stitching on a scrapbook page

996. paid trainings
997. garlic butter spread
998. snuggling with dad and Carrie and laughing at the Voice
999. watching home videos
1000. final harvest of the green bean garden

1001. Max, the new pleco for our aquarium
1002. father daughter date night
1003. late night climbing with D and J
1004. breakfast with my family at chick-fil-a

1005. phone calls and updates
1006. positive progress (finally completing a goal)

1007. God's perfect timing
1008.supporting Autism

1009. chocolate
1010. family dinners all week since dad had vacation from his night job
1011. acting like a kid with my dad

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