Monday, November 18, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #1035-1056

1035. sermons that are applicable
1036. 60% off coupons
1037. prayer
1038. to go mugs so I can take my coffee to my appointment!
1039. quick game of cards before heading to work

1040. snow flurries. . .that aren't sticking
1041. Pandora radio
1042. free photo Christmas cards
1043. hazelnut creamer to put in my free Chick-fil-a coffee

1044. reeses peanut butter cups
1045. no accidents in the morning traffic on the bypass
1046. quick scheduling to get me in for an overdue oil change
1047. Project Life at ACMoore

1048. exchanging fun stories with friends
1049. really cool looking clouds

1050. family video games
1051. my coworkers great work ethic
1052. beautiful weather
1053. remembering to pack a snack!

1054. finally getting a PL mini album
1055. helping my sister with her baking
1056. bonus checks that i wasn't expecting

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