Monday, November 25, 2013

Counting 1000 Gifts: #1057-1077

1057. a car in good working order
1058. compliments on a new outfit
1059. a Sunday school study of Thessalonians

1060. sequins and sparkles
1061. hot chocolate with whipped cream
1062. a full moon on a clear night
1063. new beginnings

1064. snuggling in a warm bed on a cold morning
1065. pinterest inspiration
1066. Disney music
1067. the power of God that is accessible to me

1068. a fuzzy, warm bathrobe
1069. Oreo truffles made by my sister
1070. early Christmas shopping
1071. perfectly timed days off

1072. no one around to see the tears from a stupid injury
1073. quick recovery
1074. able to rest my weary soul and body

1075. making a hard choice because it's the right thing for me
1076. being the primary memory keeper for my family
1077. having the time to watch Becky's 3 day course

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