Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project Life: Week 45

The Mom Creative

Finally finishing the floor in the basement!! It's only taken us about 8 years since we dug up and replaced the pipes to properly finish the floor!!!

Trying another new recipe off pinterest, broccoli cheddar chicken cresent braid. It was so simple and absolutely delicious. You can see the recipe here.

Exercising my right and privilege to vote in another extremely important election!

Morning phone calls even when I am on my way to work!! I love my dad!

Reader appreciation month for all of Courtney Walsh's Sweethaven readers! Love her!! Love her books!!

My favorite slippers. . .they are just about to be retired as the bottoms are basically non-existent!

Visiting the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall that came to Coatesville for Vetern's week

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  1. There's a traveling Vietnam Memorial??? Wow! That is so cool.

    So that's what the cement was for. Can't have been easy on your dad's knees. Congrats on getting that project done.

  2. That meal looks really yummy! We'll have to try it.
    Congrats on getting the floor done. Not a fun job, I'm sure.