Monday, November 12, 2012

1000 Gifts: #925-945

925. father daughter work day, I love having the extra time with my dad no matter what we're doing!!
926. My sister made her famous homemade chicken nuggets, so yummy!

927. learning lessong from Nehemiah in Sunday School
928. fresh, cold milk. . .you learn to appreciate things when you can't get them as we had a shortage of milk from Hurricane Sandy!
929. just enough cement to complete our project
930. warm, fuzzy balnkets to snuggle in
931. brand new ink cartridges
932. kerosene heater full of kerosene, especially on cold evenings
933. the right and privilege of voting

934. serving a God who is in complete control all the time!!
935. getting paid to play all day
936. first snow of the season (and safety for my whole family driving in it!)
937. ebay
938. fresh produce at the grocery store, we have such an abundance of food here in America
939. encouraging women's conference messages online
940. 55% off on anew watch that I desperately needed
941. laughter and secrets with my sister
942. a tangible way to honor our veterns

943. warmer weather to spend time outdoors with my family
944. matt's willingness to lead Bible study and his down to earth approach to the scriptures!
945. amazing views

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  1. So what was the project you needed the concrete for?