Monday, November 5, 2012

1000 Gifts: #904-924

904. Carrie made her special ethnic dish for dinner, African jalofe. Yummy! So thankful for a sister who loves to try new recipes
905. father-daughter pumpkin carving

906. personal space to be able to finish a job correctly
907. didn't have a major flood or lose power from Hurricane Sandy, a huge blessing considering that we live in an area that loses power when it hears of a storm coming!
908. had my whole family together and safe
909. the power of prayer
910. delayed work schedules allowing us to have breakfast as a family
911. autumn pumpkin scented air fresheners. . .love the smell of fall

912. early work shift to avoid driving in the dark/rain
913. dinner with my sister, with our schedules we usually pass each other on the road at dinner time
914. the written Word of God
915. parents that allow me to still live at home
916. Shutterfly Halloween print sale, 101 free pictures
917. trying new hair styles, thank you pinterest, and sister willing to be a guinea pig!

918. Christian friends to hang out with
919. Project Life design team submissions
920. sun shining thru the window after a week of rain
921. seeing old coworkers
922. homemade beef stew on a chilly day, love that aroma when you walk in the door
923. credit card thank you points, able to get a gift card to Lowe's. . .here's to the completion of a long overdue project!

924. an extra hour of sleep

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  1. Indeed, lots of things to be thankful for after Sandy. Glad you were safe.