Monday, June 25, 2012

1000 Gifts: #505-525

505. father's day. . .celebrating my dad
506. getting some really good pics of my dad and my sister together

507. guest preacher. . . great message
508. visiting with a friend between her rotations (which are out of state)
509. free ice cream cone from BR
510. laughing with my family
511. friendly people to deal with (my insurance agent, repair shop guy, and rental car guy)
512. car repairs covered 100%
513. free rental (fun sporty car!)

514. cool basement studio on a hot afternoon
515. ice pops
516. XM radio
517. car repairs done early
518. mom and me pool time

519. dad was able to fix my pedometer (I accidentally jumped into the pool with it on!!! Yikes!)
520. finally got respirators at work, no more breathing irritating chemicals
521. Girls' Bible study
522. driving my OWN car!! Love her!
523. weekend off for the 1st time in 2 months!
524. gift card for fun stuff at ACMoore
525. lightening bugs. . .oh the memories of being a child :)

Bonus picture that my sister took for me while I was at work: hot air balloons over our house, how cool!

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  1. So many wonderful gifts, Jen! I love how you love your family. Laughing with my family is often on my list too! The hot air balloon over your house is so cool! :)

  2. Free car rental, free ice cream and hot air balloons?!?!?! Nice!!!!!!!!