Monday, June 11, 2012

1000 Gifts: #463-483

463. great sermon about the rapture
464. deer burgers for lunch
465. Flashpoint with dad
466. rain for the gardens
467. the organizational gene :)
468. stayed in my pjs while it rained all morning
469. found a new journal
470. shopping date with my mother
471. listening ear and prayer warrior for mom
472. the feel of soil in my hands as I worked in the garden

473. many hands make light work
474. study of the book of Romans
475. quiet time outside
476. our company got direct deposit
477. old tv shows on Ion
478. awesome package filled with scrap goodies
479. fresh sugar cookies
480. surprise night off
481. safe and fun road trip with my family

482. meeting second cousins for the first time
483. terrific bonfire

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