Monday, June 18, 2012

1000 Gifts: #484-504

484. listening to stories from the past
485. having breakfast on the porch in the wide open country with Uncle John
486. driving thru the mountains

487. hanging out with cousin Ted
488. cold pool on a hot day
489. $10 Kohl's cash from my sister
490.blooming hydrangeas

491. green bean sprouts
492. old hymns
493. safety and minimal damage in my car accident
494. a job well done that I was really concerned about
495. hot morning coffee
496. great insurance company
497. prayers and phone calls from friends
498. hanging out on the porch chatting with mom and Carrie
499. hot tub time with my sister (and the dog)

500. flexible work schedule
501. family tv time: watching the crazy guy walk over Niagara Falls
502. family time at the pool on a hot afternoon

503. volleyball

504. Got done work early enough to make it to Bible study
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