Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas!! Day 25!

As I mentioned before I got a little carried away taking pictures and have almost 200 just from Christmas Day!! I photograph everything:) The hard part is always deciding which pictures to print and use. As I have been putting my album together I have switched a few things around and had an extra envelope that was not used on a previous day that I will be utilizing for day 25! I think I am going to put together a mini album featuring the hightlights of the entire day. (at least one picture form all of our Christmas visits) For now I will share our favorite gifts.

My sister's favorite happens to be the scrapbook I made her. I had no idea what to get her so simply relied on my hobby to pull me through! She joyfully exclaimed "It's all about me!?" when she pulled it out of the box!! I laughed as I brethed a sigh of relief! She can be picky so I wasn't so sure that she'd like it. She had me in stitches with her comments all the way through the book! It was a simple All about me alphabet book, easy to make when time is not on my side. She made it to page 'Y', before asking Is this an alphabet book? LOL, she just got caught up looking at pictures I'm sure she forgot I had taken!

My favorite gift? A remote control Black Widow spider. There is something about receiving toys for Christmas!! Makes me feel young. As odd as it may seem, I just loved it!!! I have always liked spiders, so when I saw this in the ToysRUs toy catalog, i jokingly said that would be so much fun! Christmas morning I scanned the gifts under the tree and didn't see any "spider" sized boxes. Oh well, I'm too old for toys anyway. However, much to my delight the box was not the expected shape!!!! Guess they were heard me after all, I was so excited! I played (and annoyed all) for so long I wore out the batteries!
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  1. What a great gift for your sister! I'm not to sure about you and spiders though... but I can just see you playing with this one... too funny! Sounds like it was a wonderful day!