Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DD: Day 21

Not only is today the 1st day of winter, here at the Nichols' house it is Christmas bread day!!! Every year my mom makes homemade bread for all our neighbours! (and us too!) It's such a fun little tradition that she does every year. I unfortunately had to work and was upset that I wouldn't get any pictures to document this awesome tradition. However, my wonderful mom took pictures for me!! She took pictures of each little step! I was so excited and so proud of her (she is not the picture person and usually can't even remember how to work the camera!) She did awesome though!!!! And now I have all these awesome pics to document her fabulous Christmas bread tradition!

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  1. What a nice tradition! And sweet of your mom to take pictures. :)

  2. How awesome and what a great tradition! Really sweet of your mom to take the pics for you. She gets the mom of the day award!