Friday, April 21, 2017

Week in the Life: Thursday

I did a little better yesterday with this project, but still I am struggling this year. It is kinda bumming me out, but I am not quitting... I'll just keep trudging along!

Around here we drink tea every morning before we run.
 Around here Maggie checks out every sound she hears out front.
 Around here a lot of work gets done on the computer.
 Around here I keep a sketchbook nearby for random slots of spare time (What's that?)
 Around here Maggie can be found next to me no matter where I am.
 Around here you got to remember to charge your fitbit regularly or you'll miss all the steps you take at the grocery store
 Around here I have way too many things going on at once
 Around here every day consists of training at one or more of my sites
 Around here we don't eat out much as a family, especially with my schedule, so it was a treat to meet up with my family for dinner
 Around here I still have to "babysit" several employees
 Around here everyone gives Maggie lots of loving
Around here we stay up a little later than usual chit chatting while she waits for her medicine alarm to go off.

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