Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Week in the Life: Tuesday

I love the Ali always used fun prompts as she goes thru her day. I wish I could wrap my head around that concept, but this year its all I can do to take the pictures.
# of Pictures taken today: 68, most of which were actually on the big camera as opposed to my phone.
Today I see a habit tracker checklist that helps keep me on task.
 Today I see a morning routine that actually works for me right now.
 Today I see with a new pair of contacts versus my glasses that I have worn since 1993!
 Today I see a girl practicing in the mirror. Yikes!
 Today I see the Bible opened to Revelations as I read thru my yearly schedule
 Today I see some reading detting done in the backyard sunshine with a second cup of coffee, due to a sick trainee that called out allowing me to stay home an extra 2 hours
 Today I see a puppy loving some extra belly rubs
 Today I see a puppy being spoiled and licking our plates, love how she holds them in place with her paw
 Today I see both pink and white blooming trees in the backyard
 Today I see "Aunt Carrie" loving on my tired puppy
 Today I see a hard working man relaxing and cuddling after a long day at work
 Today I see a gorgeous canvas painted across the sky as the sun goes down

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