Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week in the Life: Monday

Oh my goodness! Where does the time go? How can it be August already? And I've only had 3 blog posts this whole year!? Yikes! I really need to work on that!

Well anyway here is a little bit of a look into my life right now:

Right now I am into an app called First 5 that gives me a devotional first thing every morning. I set the alarm to purposely wake me up to read the Scriptures! Love it!
Right now I am loving feeding our goldfish in the 2 small ponds outback.

Right now, I am working mostly from home. On the phone or the computer getting things taken care of.

Right now I am enjoying having a small inflatable family pool in the backyard. Just enough to get wet and cool off on a hot afternoon.

Right now I am diving into the almost 200 pictures I just had printed. While my blogging took a nosedive, I have not set the camera down!

Right now I am taking evening walks with my mom and sister listening to the banter of how everyone's day went.

Right now I am thoroughly enjoying my 5th year doing this project even if people look at me funny and tell me I am weird for taking all these very mundane pictures! Maybe I am...or maybe I am living in the right now and documenting every blessed second of it!!

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