Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A look at my Saturday: WITL

So my Saturday was not really a typical Saturday but that's okay I just went with the flow.
Not only did we have a church event, but we also had a little friend going with us.
I love that I am now on the list as one of the official photographers for this annual childrens rally

My sister and mom get to do registration as well as helping out with the kids, not really my thing.

Think I'll stay behind the camera!

And just keep capturing great moments!

Chick-fil-a ice cream treats after a long day

I asked for the camera to try and capture a shot of a low flying hawk, when it wasn't handed to me I attempted to use my camera and thought my sister was trying to take the picture herself on the camera. Instead I uploaded this gem, love this shot!

making dinner, meatloaf and potatoes as per the usual

Evening family walk, they always make fun of me for wanting to take this shot, but they always stop and patiently wait for me to take it! (I try to get it every year because I love it)

Love the way my Saturday went, couldn't have asked for anything better!!

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