Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Look at my Friday: WITL

Good morning Friday! I am over halfway through this project and still going strong, although I have noticed in the past Friday's are typically a slower paced day and I tend to take a lot less pictures. Going of Ali's prompts again I will share the stories behind the photos!

Breakfast of a chocolate donut because I am semi cat sitting for my aunt
My daily here I sit shot as I compare the same shot for an entire week

Where I sit and work each and every morning, have a bunch of emails to catch up on

A new butterfly has come to our butterfly bush, been waiting for something different than the swallowtails to photograph. It kept coming and landing on the side of the pool asking me to get out and get the camera!

Some more work, scheduling and stuff, done poolside

Evening scrapbooking, feeling grateful to have my own space for crafting even though I wish it were upstairs I have resolved to quit complaining and just enjoy it!

Friday night pizza night with my parents, plus the crazy chaos that my sister has going on at the end of the table

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