Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Living a blessed Life: #1677-1701

1677. hearing good news about a situation I was concerned over
1678. washed by the blood of Jesus
1679. having authority and responsibility
1680. instant payers and a God that hears and answers instantly
1681. mom remained calm in a super stressful situation
 1682. exciting news
1683. Lysine (and a coupon to get it)
1684. can collecting with my parents
1685. unexpected support
1686. pickels on my burger
1687. snuggling with my sister to watch tv
1688. giving my opinion (and having it be heard)
1689. someone close enough to share whats on my heart with
1690. positive list from a friend
1691. no damage during my 1st ever hail storm
1692. dirt on my hands from planting the vegetables
 1693. scented Raid spray
1694. peace instead of nerves
1695. confidence in my abilities after days of doubting myself
1696. our supplies at work were ordered and arrived just in time
1697. blooming plants all around the yard
1698. conference call/ interview with the president of my company
1699. devotional on replacing fears with THE fear of God
1700. good food and conversation
1701. reminiscing over the E's wedding photos

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