Monday, May 5, 2014

Isn't God good? #1610-1635

1610. $2000 from the missions committee for our trip
1611. wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit
1612. morning doves
1613. spring colors in my wardrobe
 1614. weeding and the feeling of dirt on my hands
1615. a peace that passeth understanding
1616. Snapfish customer service and free reprints
1617. instagram inspiration
1618. my sister and I singing songs we don't really know that well at the top of our lungs and having a blast doing it!
1619. blooming tulips
1620. the promises found in the very names of God
1621. not getting stuck or stranded in the floods
1622. basement didn't flood
1623. lunch with dad
1624. photo shoots just for fun
1625. meeting with Hope
1626. spring weather
1627. landscaping that is done really well
1628. able to help a family move
1629. photo bombing dad's car pictures with my sister
1630. belting out Frozen songs on a gloomy day
1631. verses that speak to me
1632. a new, free treadmill to replace the one the broke
1633. rain in the forecast and sunshine out my window!!
1634. working with mom
1635. car show with my family


  1. I'm gathering gratitude along with you at Ann's this week!

  2. Beautiful and joyful list of thanks! Counting too :)