Monday, May 12, 2014

Counting my many blessings #1636-1655

1636. the prayers and tears of godly men in church
1637. recipes for leftover ham using the ingredients I have on hand
1638. not a cloud in the sky
 1639. getting a hotel room in DC (in the midst of 7 conferences going on) so that I didn't have to lose an account
1640. having a few moments to myself
1641. reading about King David
1642. fun dip
 1643. soaking up the morning sun on the back yard swing
1644. spiritually inspiring blogs
1645. sunset over the Susquehanna river while driving
1646. my manager willing to switch hotel rooms because I can't sleep in a smoking room
1647. McDonald iced coffee
 1648. memory retention
1649. Panera rewards
1650. free coffee and surprise birthday flowers
 1651. warm weather
1652. walking with my parents
1653. getting $1.70/per gallon off gas from Giant
1654. finally getting along with Becky
1655. a special dinner

1 comment:

  1. visiting from #1000gifts! some great ones in you list... including fun dip, McD Iced coffee, and a sunset over the usquehanna!! :)