Monday, May 19, 2014

God's continual blessing: #1656-1676

1656. Jehovah-Shalom
1657. Chai tea from a coworker
1658. afternoon naps
1659. dependability (and people you know you can count on)
1660. great weather for our Mother's day hike
 1661. finding frogs in our pond
1662. the acceptance and love of a 3 year old I don't really know
1663. finally getting some respect and communication
1664. self timer family photos
 1665. options I didn't know existed
1666. story time with good friends
1667. finding some really cool foreign stamps for my book
1668. watching and finding wildlife at the park
 1669. setting goals to learn new things
1670. pink icing
1671. phone call and interview from the president of my company
 1672. destroying ants nests (after tracking them from my house to the nest!)
1673. rollercoaster buddies
 1674. knowledgeable people to answer my stupid questions
1675. positive experiences
1676. fundraising opportunities

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