Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Still Counting 1000 Gifts: #1529-1553

1529. personal invitation
1530. fundraising opportunities
1531. friendly chitchat
1532. homemade biscuits
1533. extra time in my schedule to make progress
1534. Paul finding us an extra account
 1535. freshly folded laundry
1536. a few minutes of sister time to play a card game
1537. made it to work on time (and safely) despite the traffic, weather, and leaving late
1538. accountability
1539. VeggieTales Easter movie at preschool
 1540. recognition for a job well done
1541. apples and cheese for snack
1542. Carrie's kindle
1543. $10 Shutterfly credit
1544. Mary, the intern that helped me (and she didn't even have to be there)
 1545. a slow, sleepy morning
1546. homemade stromboli and an ice cold coke
1547. treated to lunch by my sister for sibling appreciation day
 1548. warm walking weather
1549. BBC clothing exchange
 1550. cute new clothes
1551. hanging/chatting with Abbey
1552. moon's glow
1553. Hope's joining us for dinner and games

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