Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So very blessed. . .#1554-1584

1554. not having to wear a coat
1555. knowing my God hears and answers prayers
1556. finding some old college music CDs
1557. not having to work with Becky
1558. God's amazing graciousness
1559. free coffee on a chilly morning (for my whole family!) 
 1560. remembering how God has worked in my life so far
1561. no place to be on a rainy day
1562. communication with my team
1563. God works all the time (God is in control even when I don't see it!!)
1564. fresh cut hyacinths on the dining room table
 1565. listening to testimonies of God's goodness
1566. no visible signs of last night's freak snow squall!
1567. laughing with Hope
1568. being the object of God's love
1569. can collecting with my dad in the woods
 1570. convenience of the new ACMoore store
1571. looking cute in a new pair of skinny jeans that I NEVER thought I'd fit in!
1572. carpooling with my dad
1573. taking the back, backroads
1574.finding a copperhead snake, so cool. . .from a distance (thankful for a zoom lens!)
 1575. finally receiving paperwork releasing my 401K from my last job, that I left over 2 years ago
1576. phone call from Brandon, how I have missed him
1577. cinnamon sugar soft pretzels
1578.baking with Carrie
1579. getting caught up in a good book
1580. dad hanging out at home with us all day even though he had other things to do/places to be
1581. family walks in the evening
1582. hearing a coworkers point of view matches mine
1583. Phase 10
1584. a dad that will peel my shrimp for me :)

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