Monday, April 7, 2014

Still Counting 1000 Gifts: #1508-1528

Yes I have still been counting gifts, how could one stop?? I have just been too busy to post. But that stops today! I enjoy sharing the things God has given and done and allowed in my life. He is good. And I wanna share, so I am making a determination to share His gifts weekly like I did last year. . .even if no one reads them. . . just because. After all He is still good, right?
1508. found out some info about our missions trip, my dear friend M is going too!
1509. home fellowship at the B's house
1510. sister time in the car ride home
1512. cheeseburgers
1513. fingernail moon
1514. driving across big bridges at dusks
1515. dusk
1516. Baltimore all lit up at night
1517. tree reflections on a moonlit pond
1518. 9 deer (anywhere from 1-20 each time) sightings on our drive
1519. $300 from collecting scrap
1520. the ability to take deep breaths and fill my lungs
1521. a rental car
1522. remembering to pack snacks for a long trip
1523. not waking up sick after a rough night
1524. inspiration of the Holy Spirit
1525. medicines that work
1526. being able to pick up the tray to make it easy on my sister
 1527. playing games
 1528. successful dinner/game night
 1528. good friends and neighbours

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