Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Project Life Update

After realizing just how far behind I've gotten with my Project Life picture posts I decided to just photograph all the spreads and do one big update post to get me all caught up!!

Somehow I managed to get all my week #s mixed up...these were the last pictures I uploaded as week 34 when in reality they were week 38! not really sure how that happened! i included an insert with all the pictures I took at a pit stop to Cabellas just to check out the staged scenes they have set up! How awesome! Felt more like a museum than a store! Loved it. I think my dad was pretty proud that he brought me :)
Week 38, backside of the insert and the second half of the weeks pics.
 Week 39, tried using all the same type of journaling cards. I like the unified look, but miss the eclectic look all the other spreads have. Nothing spectacular this week, mostly just work stuff.
 Week 40, I haven't decided if I want to add an insert to include the extra pictures from my "go off the grid" hike! We'll see...
 Week 41, this week includes tales of our church missions conference and more adventures in subbing
 Week 42, another week that will have an insert for all my car show pictures. Yep its that time of year!! 
 Week 43, and another car show that will eventually be fully captured on an insert. Obviously I have to find time to do another picture order!

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