Monday, January 26, 2015

Project Life Update #2

Seems like I just can't keep up with my posts anymore. So I'll just have to settle for a few update posts! Here is a look at weeks 44-50.

Week 44 I played along with Ali Edwards' Week in the life, so naturally I added an insert to include some of the tons of pics I took.

back side of insert and the other half of week 44
 Week 45
 Week 46, I forgot to print out Sundays picture and you can see the back of the title card from the last spread. I included another insert to cover my aunt's 50th surprise birthday party
 back side of insert and second half of week 46
 Week 47, I included some tags of the new purse I bought. I love adding little bits of "extras"
 Week 48
 Week 49
 Week 50, I've added a lot of inserts this week all to cover my Nana's surprise 80th birthday party and family get together. I mixed in 2 8.5x11 inserts and 1 12x12 to include the invitation, guest list, copy of a 1934 newspaper article form the day she was born and one of the napkins.

Thanks for sharing and hopefully I can get the rest of 2014 posted soon!

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