Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week in the Life 2014: Monday

Cannot believe its been so long since I've blogged! Shame on me. In my defense my Picasa program has been having issues so I have to upload the hard way, Yuck! Anyway. . .Last week was Ali Edward's  week in the life project. One of my favorite documentation projects! I've noticed so many routines that have not changed from year to year and I've noticed so many more that have changed. 

My creek catfish died a few months back so I've decided to try tropical fish. It's a whole new ball game with these things... I've already had 2 die on me!!
 I still help out in the preschool where my mom works. I enjoy subbing once or twice a month.
 I love that I was there for firetruck day! The perfect excuse to take some extra pictures!

Checking in with all my employees. There is always some sort of issue that I need to take care of now that I am regional manager!
Stopping to visit with my favorite neighborhood dog on our afternoon walk. Hi Rex!
 A little afternoon baking from our old well loved cookbook.
And of course the day isn't complete without some pictures from my on site work. 

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