Friday, November 14, 2014

Week in the Life 2014: Thursday

Quick breakfast before heading out on my work meeting
 Setting the GPS, got to head to Mickleton, NJ? Where on earth is that?
 Apparently across the Commodore Barry bridge...deep breath...i got this!
 80 mile round trip, 2 hours of driving, 15 minute meeting! Really!!
 Time to hit the grocery store. i am one of the few that loves to grocery shop!
 Unloading the car. Mom hates the whole grocery routine
 dinner with my parents before dad heads out to work again
 Beautiful clouds right before sunset
 Enjoying an evening walk with my mom and sister
 and of course a visit to Rex!
 And why not end this crazy day with a surprise visit from the fire department. Neighbor had a fire scare!

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