Monday, October 29, 2012

1000 Gifts: #883-899

883. Pastor's "One Another Christianity" sermon series
884. hearing friends answered prayers
885. surprises
886. lunch bunch
887. extra work hours
888. energy enough to make it thru a long day
889. right place. right time.
890. more subbing opportunities

891. long chats
892. naps
893. new boots
894. stickers
895. harvest parties

896. holding a child's hand
897. UPS packages
898. fall treats
899. being the appointed photographer
900. stories from Jess' mom
901. road trips
902. waterfalls

903. overcast weather just right for pictures

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  1. Love your pictures Jenn. My children are young adults (17-22), so the days of carving pumpkins has past. (But maybe we need to bring it back)
    Little people at this season are my favorite to hang around with. They will show you things you had forgotten were there.

  2. Great picture of you in front of that waterfall. Those little kids are so cute. How exciting it must have been for them to see that fireman give an all important lesson.