Monday, October 15, 2012

1000 Gifts: #841-831

841. video games with my dad
842. homemade pies

843. missionaries
844. Paper coterie codes/deals/sales
845. Amazon's smiley face boxes

846. substituting at preschool
847. rising early
848. God's timing
849. memory keeping tools
850. surprise peanut butter cups from Carrie

851. garden fresh cauliflower from a coworker
852. extended warranties
853. dad was still on vacation and able to help when my car broke down
854. car fixed 5 minutes before they closed!
855. tossing around crafty ideas with Carrie

856. sharing my talent
857. devotional with Christian friends
858. pumpkins

859. sharing a game with my sister
860. last pickings of the garden before cleaning them up
861. house fulled with baking aromas!

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