Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Project Life: week 38

The Mom Creative

Our friendly backyard praying mantis! He has been around all summer.

All my new Elle's Studio goodies

tried a new recipe. . .cheesy chicken lasagna, turned out very yummy

one of my worst habits. . .putting my coffee in the microwave and forgetting about it! I usually find it later in the afternoon, alone, forgotten, and once again cold!

Big Brother 14 finale!

coffee date with my mama

my sister testing her new Texas Roadhouse rolls recipe

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  1. Great pictures! Share your chicken lasagna recipe, it looks divine!

  2. That lasagna looks amazing!! My microwave beeps every five seconds after it's gone off...otherwise I would forget entire meals in it.

  3. I know the ground hog was in the previous post but I can't believe he comes so close. I would love to have a resident ground hog. That is so very cool!!!

    That lasagna looks delish! We watched BB too. Quite a season, wasn't it?

  4. My microwave beeps, too, otherwise I would find a cold bag of popcorn in there every morning after I decided to have a snack while watching tv!